Business Profile Overview:


•  Core Assortment and Categories:


–  Plastic packaging materials;

–  Archive accessories;

–  Archive binders metal / plastic;

–  Cardboard packaging materials;

–  Stationary goods;

–  Mailing boxes;

–  Wrapping paper;


•  Core Production Technologies:


–  Plastic injection molding machines;

–  Corrugated board processing;

–  Solid board processing;

–  Packaging machines;

–  Solid wood processing;


•  Other Core Competencies:


–  New product development;

–  Private label product development;

–  Warehousing possibilities;

–  Specific packing solutions;

–  Logistic assistance;

–  Marketing cooperation;

–  Confidentiality;




Company LATPAK is doing different manual works such as repacking, foiling,

labeling, glueing. Preparing displays and promotions sets for customers.


Sending orders and daily shipments to courier companies in all Europe.